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From the primary author of Every Man’s Battle  and co-authors of Every Heart Restored
New for 2023

Your Battle for Sexual Purity
Can Be Over!  

Special Introductory Price of Only $14.95!

Victory Is in Sight

Let’s face it: we live in a culture awash in sexuality. Porn on our smartphones and laptops. The hook-up culture. The objectification of women’s bodies. Steamy,

sex-saturated romance novels. Solo sex.

It's not an overstatement to say that millions of men and women are attracted to pornography every single day. One study found that 91 percent of men and 60 percent of women reported watching porn online in the last month. Every minute, the top world's top three porn sites receive 135,000 visits with users spending an average of 18 minutes on these sites.


Whether you're male or female, perhaps this relentless riptide is yanking you into a dark, addictive abyss, causing you to wonder if there’s a way out.


Is there a battle for sexual purity raging

within you? 

Are the losses mounting? 

Do the setbacks outnumber the wins? 

Is sexual freedom even possible these days?


The answer is an affirmative yes, according to Brenda and Fred Stoeker, the co-authors of Battle On, Battle Over.


In their remarkably frank and brutally honest book, they highlight a major vulnerability in male and female sexuality that sets you up for a fall. You’ll discover how to shut down sexual sin and experience total victory for the rest of your life.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you have significant issues with pornography and sexual self-stimulation, let Battle On, Battle Over be your guide to conquering these foes once and for all.

Battle On-bkg-3.jpg
Read the Introduction
and First Chapter for Free!

Battle On, Battle Over is a compelling book filled with personal stories, fresh insights, and sound teaching on the “stealth traps” in our sexuality. Download the Introduction and Chapter 1 by clicking on the button below.


Download the free Battle On, Battle Over Workbook!

Fred Stoeker has prepared a comprehensive workbook that incorporates the teaching found in Battle On, Battle Over, and it’s available for free. 

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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

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Fred Stoeker, pictured with his wife, Brenda, is bent upon challenging people to become sexually pure and connect in true intimate relationships.


If you would like to bring Fred to your conference or community event, you can reach him through this Contact Page. Or please visit his website at


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